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A Handbook for Litigants in Person

A guide to appearing in civil cases without legal representation has been produced and published by the judiciary and is available for download

Helping consumers be more energy savvy

Citizens Advice has been working on the Energy Best Deal public awareness campaign with support from the energy regulator Ofgem and major energy companies since 2008. Based on evaluations of other financial capability programmes, which show that frontline workers use information to help an average of 15 clients in the year following training, Citizens Advice expects that by spring 2015, Energy Best Deal will have improved the confidence of over 350,000 domestic energy customers across England, Wales and Scotland to shop around, reduce their bills and get help if they are falling behind.

the Money Advice Service

Free and impartial money advice, set up by government.

Ombudsman Services

We are Ombudsman Services, an ombudsman service that provides dispute resolution for the communications, energy, property and copyright licensing industries.

Financial Ombudsman Service

Nine out of ten people say they have no complaints about their bank, insurer or finance firm. And most financial transactions take place without any problems. But sometimes things go wrong. And when they do, and a customer isn’t happy, it’s up to the business to try and sort it out. The business must be given the chance to look into a problem – and they have eight weeks to do it. If the customer still isn’t satisfied, they can come to us. We’ll listen to both sides of the story. And we’ll be honest. We give advice or make decisions based on the facts that we see.

Advice Now - Debt

There are lots of different types of credit available and they all have slightly different terms and conditions. This can make it complicated to work out the differences between them. This information explains all the different types of debt that exist and provides links to specific advice on each type.

The Debt Clinic

Free legal advice drop-in sessions - Housing (public & private), employment, small claims, consumer law.

Step Change (previously Consumer Credit Counselling Service)

Free online or phone advice on debt or insolvency.

National Debtline

Free online or phone help and advice on a range of money issues, including template letters to send to creditors. There's also an e-contact form to get tailored email advice.

My Money Steps

Online debt management advice, part of the National Debtline & Money Advice Trust. Provides a step-by-step action plan for managing debt, including weekly budget sheets